Karlinsky-Shichor, Yael and Moshe Zviran. “Factors Influencing Perceived Benefit and User Satisfaction in Knowledge Management Systems,” Information Systems Management, 2016, 33(1), 55-73.

“Automating the B2B Salesperson Pricing Decisions: Can Machines Replace Humans and When?” with Oded Netzer. Revise and Resubmit at Marekting Science [SSRN]

  • Finalist, the 2018 ISMS/MSI/EMAC Gary Lilien Marketing Science Practice Prize

  • Winner, 2017 Vithala R. and Saroj V. Rao ISMS Doctoral Dissertation Award

  • Winner of the 2016 Institute for the Study of Business Markets Doctoral Support Award Competition

  • Awarded the 2015 Deming Center Doctoral Fellowship


  • “Automation via Ensemble of Experts” with Oded Netzer

  • “Increasing Adoption of AI-based Bootstrap Models in Business Decision Making” with Yaacov Trope

  • “When are Salespeople Most Likely to Adopt Automation: Evidence from a Field Experiment?”

  • “The Value of Community Engagement: A B2B Field Experiment”